• Contracting of Open Call and Third Party Grantee


Third Call – Project Development Management and  Evaluation Workshop

Hydrometeorological hazards, increasing sea – level rise and ocean warming continue to affect coastal livelihoods, particularly in the small islands and the Caribbean. Addressing the challenges to coastal resilience compounded by other interconnected challenges and their associated impacts require support and a unified effort. The HIT RESET Team acknowledging that these grant opportunities are vital to support the CARIFORUM transition, reduce vulnerabilities and enhance resilience in coastal communities hosted the third call, Project Development Management and Evaluation Workshop, on the  September 12th, 2022.

Supported by the OACPS, EU the aim of this workshop was to provide guidance, support and assistance to potential third call applicants resulting in  strengthen proposals for the third call grant opportunities.The session can be viewed at the link:

Third Call – Launch and Clarification Meeting

On the 1st July,2022 the Third Call was launched followed by the clarification meeting conducted the 20th July, 2022, via zoom. With thirty plus attendees the following highlights were captured.


Second Call – Project Development Management and Evaluation Workshop

Within the Second Call a two-day PDMEW was designed and executed, on the 25th – 26th April, 2022. The aim was to provide further clarity on the project opportunity and provide additional support to teams seeking eligibility.


Second Call – Clarification Meeting

After the launch of the second call on the 1st March the second call clarification meeting was held via zoom on the 21st March, 2022. This meeting was designed to provide supportive information relevant to the call and provide guidelines to prospective applicants.


HIT RESET Caribbean – Project Launch

Highlights from the media launch of the HIT RESET Caribbean project of The University of the West Indies Campus in partnership with Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency and Anton De Kom University.

This project aims to provide support for projects which develop innovations to increase resilience in coastal communities of the Caribbean, as well as strengthen institutions, national and local governments’ ability to leverage information and knowledge for policy amendments.