The Project Development and Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop to be held on 25th -26th April 2022 will  assist all prospective applicants, in designing their submission. Therefore, we wish to encourage all to register in advance at link https://zoom.usmeetingregistertJcvceiqqz8oGtUODl4BYiAlyXiM4QZDjhkn

Workshop Daily Agenda:

Day 1 – Aim to provide further clarification on the project and  techniques for strengthening proposals. This session will be followed by a question and answer session in which participants can also acquire further clarification. 

Day 2 – Will allow individual team  to acquire feedback on draft proposals submitted. This will assist applicants who intend to submit final proposals to acquire  additional clarification on specific elements within their project. Individual one-hour times will be scheduled and links will be shared specifically.

This project aims to provide support for projects which develop innovations to increase resilience in coastal communities of the Caribbean, as well as strengthen institutions, national and local governments’ ability to leverage information and knowledge for policy amendments.